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Why marketing for artist is a big deal

I have always been a visual artist.  And although it took a back seat when I became a mom and a teacher, I never truly changed who I was, an artist ! I now have the liberty to embrace my creativity and my passion.  And I’m sending back to the universe what I’ve...

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Green Innovation Through Crafting

All manners of inventors and innovators, artists and designers, craftsmen and artisans from the world over are being recognized for all the green innovation and sustainable techniques that man has ever known.

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Art Marketing for the Visual Artist

Self Discovery as an Online Artist I have always been a visual artist.  And although it took a back seat when I became a teacher and then a mom, changing my self-image eventually helped me get back on track.  Over the past 5 years, I have turned myself into an...

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Ecofriendly: Green Art from Scrap

Artworks made from scrap materials – therefore green art, are saving tons of trash from polluting our already polluted environment. Green art definitely helps in creating awareness about waste management and caring for the planet.

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Green Art from Upcycling

Both the environment and us humans will benefit from it. Well, suffice to say, upcyling benefits the environment it benefits us as well. But even with aspects of finance, say your family’s budget, you’ll be saving a considerable amount with your expenses if you’ll adapt the habit of upcyling.

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Eco-Activists : Create Change with ART

The likes of Claudio Garzon, along with other eco activist artists who are choosing to use their ‘gifts’ not just to inspire people but to educate them as well and raise ocean awareness can be considered as the ‘ocean defenders’ of our time.

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