My Story : Sustainably conscious artist mom and teacher turned eco-entrepreneur

by Lisa Burnham

I have always been an artist from the time I was a little girl when I was painting rocks. And from that same early age I was already an entrepreneur selling those rocks from door to door, along with the pieces of wood my Dad cut for me to glue the greeting cards onto, that I had collected and repurposed for that art project.
I feel like I have come so far from that point but the way I do things now is practically the same. I was looking for praise and appreciation for my art-work, and of course a little cash didn’t hurt either.
Fast foreword about 30 years and I made a life for myself as an art teacher, a mom, a wife as well as receiving 2 major art degrees from top universities. You would think that was enough. But after over 20 years of scheduling art projects and then trying to fit my kids into my career, I decided to stay at home and be with my kids. But, as the years went by I became progressively more un-happy, and more un-fulfilled, just going through the motions of being a mom and not really following my true path as an artist/entrepreneur.
So one day I decided to search online for something I could create for myself, and I found out how that I could put together an e-commerce site to sell my own products. A light went on in my artist mind and I knew this was a great way for me to provide help to other artisans and support my eco-friendly endeavors by promoting fair trade artisans.
It was a real eye opener to learn about being an online entrepreneur and it has been quite a journey of learning complex online platforms and technologies. Amazingly I quickly learned that all my creativity could in fact be funneled into an online business. And I learned how to tell my story through a blog, how to create videos, how to set up online portfolios so that my artwork can be seen, and how to set up a social media network around a specific niche. And further more, how to create an online brand that inspires others and supports artisans where they live, all over this planet. I have only just started to realize that my dream of having an online business can actually create freedom and that this is a sustainable, online business model that I can share with others.
I embrace a more meaningful life while creating a sustainable business that keeps me mobile and free!  Speaking from experience, creating may tend to be the easy part for creative people, marketing our creation is the challenge. So, I am reaching out to artisans and promoting and selling their wares along side her own, in the hopes to widen their opportunity to capture a bigger market through the internet. By introducing them the benefits of internet marketing they may see increased exposure. I intend to help these artisans brave the new global market.

In 2014, I was invited by the producers of Kathy Ireland’s E! Network Show, Modern Living to share more information about eco-friendly products. This was such a thrill! We were treated super and I spent the week-end in LA with my young daughter as she videoed the whole thing.
I felt finally I was in the right place at
the right time.
Currently I reside in Costa Rica full time, where I run online and offline art businesses from my home office and art studio. My husband is active in the jiujitsu and surfing community and my 15 yr old daughter attends a private high-school in Costa Rica.