I have always been a visual artist.  And although it took a back seat when I became a mom and a teacher, I never truly changed who I was, an artist !

I now have the liberty to embrace my creativity and my passion.  And I’m sending back to the universe what I’ve learned by sharing my stories, hoping I’ll influence other people and artist, motivate them in a away or teach them a thing or two.

One of my dreams is to be able to help artist community to share their visions to the world without selling out, hence the importance of marketing for artist.

We’re artist, we create art works – marketing is the opposite of what art is for us.  For creative people, art is an innate thing, it comes naturally for us to create art – but not the marketing aspect of it!

One must realize the importance of setting goals, of knowing your intentions and using that energy to propel you forward  and manifest that energy into art or whatever it is that you do.

Why marketing for artist is a big deal

Being the artists that we are, we have to keep our creative channels open, we need to be able to create – to express ourselves, our emotion.

When I became a MOM and had to put my creativity on hold, I realized how important this truly is. I became frustrated by not having the freedom to be creative, and thus became an unhappy, angry and uninspired person. When I was finally able to change my self-image and decided to go back to what I love the most, which is creating arts, I knew instantly, that life is possible.

But then again, we’re artist, we need to create art. We can present it, but we don’t necessarily know how to sell it to the world.  I have an art education, and even completed a Master’s program in Fine Arts – but I lack the business know-how.

I was pretty discouraged seeing other artist biting the bullet just to put their artworks out there.  It’s a common problem among artists.  Either you’ll rely on luck as to who sees or who buys your artwork or take a chance and give 50% to 60% to studio galleries.

Marketing for artist proved to be a challenge, putting ourselves out there to share our visions to the world didn’t come as easy as it sounds.

On the move to help other artists!

I was able to learn a lot about marketing for artist, blogging, social media, and even personal development.  All of these things have led me to the realization that as an artist I’m also an entrepreneur, and that I was my own product.

Being the artist that we are, we have the best and the worst and will come across as over sensitive.  We just internalize things differently and also put it out into the universe in a different way.  Expectedly not everybody understands that all the time.  Neither do they see things the way we see it.