Who Is Lisa Artista?

A wonderful example of how to go about living the artist lifestyle!

About Me

♛ Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Rhode Island School of Design, [R.I.S.D.] Providence RI; focus in Glass & Art Education

♛ Masters in Fine Art from San Jose State University, [S.J.S.U.] San Jose California; Spacial Arts, focus on glass & ceramics.

I consider myself a sculptor, mixed-media, visual artist and also work extensively with photo and video.

Immediately out of my undergraduate degree program I gravitated towards teaching. What truly opened my eyes to the possibilities of a career teaching art was when I started as a pre-school teacher and stuck with that for over 7 years. Then I continued to teach art for over 25 years, all over San Francisco, in many different types of settings. I had classes in my own studio and also continued my own work in glass, teaching workshops. I became an art provider in San Francisco and worked in many after-school programs with many different groups.

Throughout my years at SJSU as the main graduate student in the Glass Department, I taught many workshops and classes to students of all ages. Towards the end of the two year degree, I had my first child and when I had my Master’s Show, he was there in attendance. Much of my art work at that time became very steeped in my experience of being a woman and then becoming a mother, this is what fueled my work immensely.  I worked mainly in glass and created many hand blown figural vessels with a 2-part mold process. This allowed me to create many figures and change the outcome of each piece in the glass studio.




More recently…


…My work has evolved to using a combination of photography and earth friendly concepts; such as reusing existing materials and repurposing glass pieces. I use my artwork in my photography to show it as less of an ‘object de art’ and more experimenting with the image itself as the artwork. Concurrently, I created a technique to show my photographs in a very 3-dimensional way, on found pieces of wood. This fueled my need for working with materials and gave my photos an actual place to exist. These pieces were shown and sold at craft and art fairs in and around San Francisco.

On self promotion: For the past 5+ years I have learned to combine my work online and offline in a very creative and balanced way; sharing my work digitally and evolving it even further with editing tools and software.

As an artist, we are always promoting ourselves, showing off our talent. Simply by putting our artistic selves out there, we are in automatic self-promotion mode.

On being an art parent : After over 20 years of scheduling and coordinating art projects and then trying to fit my kids into my career, I decided to stay at home and be with my kids. When my children were small, I found it increasingly difficult to exclusively continue with my teaching career and thus I became a super-duper-full-time-art-mom. As my children grew and needed more of my time, I found a way to utilize my skill set in their classroom, on a regular basis. I was an art parent in one of the only art curriculum based, elementary- middle schools,in all of San Francisco. There was excellent potential for creative parent involvement and so I was in both my children’s classroom’s every week, up to 5th grade.

The connection between being a parent and being an artist is something I live with every day. I cannot help but see all parts of my life in a creative way; I am inspired by color, design and composition everywhere.

Teaching art to children for so many years gave me an  insight into how the creative process can help people resolve issues, manage their behaviors and feelings and improve self-esteem and self-awareness.I was happy to be able to return to my own personal art journey after so many years putting it on hold raising my children full time. Now that they are teenagers I am returning to my artistic roots.

Finding my way back to myself as an artist has been an ever-evolving journey but I know it is the right path to stay on.




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